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AYSO 5U  SCHOOLYARD  5 AND UNDER PROGRAM (formerly Jamboree)          

    This is how it works!   This program is for boys and girls who were born in 2017.
     The SCHOOLYARD 5 AND UNDER PROGRAM IS A "ONE WITH ONE" PROGRAMmeaning each player will have a Parent Volunteer  ON THE FIELD WITH THEM.  The 5U Master Coach will guide the 5UParent Volunteers  through activities, and 5UParent Volunteers  will coach their player through each activity.  Each 5UParent Volunteer is considered an AYSO Volunteer. Each 5UParent Volunteer is required to complete a Volunteer Form online at Additionally each volunteer will be required to take "SAFE HAVEN", on AYSOU & takes 60 - 70 minutes.  Available to you after you register as a volunteer online at
    This program is once per week, for 7 weeks. Each session is 1 hour long. As part of the AYSO National Coaching Program, this program provides age appropriate activities to increase the fundamental motor skills that will be needed in the AYSO 6 and Under (6U) program and other youth sports.
    Once your player is registered and paid online at, a Parent Volunteer  is registered online and your "SAFE HAVEN" class is completed, print two copies of the player registration, volunteer registration, and safe haven certificate. Then you will attend a Live Registration Event at Grass Valley School or Winnemucca Grammer,  and choose your player's uniform size.  We will register the first 30 boys and the first 30 girls who have completed these tasks.  
    After this is finished you and your player will show up on activity day ready to play!  We will have warm up activities, take a break,participate in learning activities, take a break. After we practice some simple skills we break up into "teams" for our 20 minute mini-game so they can use their new skills.  We let the players play with as little interference as possible. We don't worry about scores, rules or lines. WE JUST LET 'EM PLAY!!!   With no stress.  During the mini-game if your player needs you on the field,  you may join them, and help them feel comfortable in this new activity. Mostly we need you to be a line keeper and keep them on their field!  Our goal is to keep the fun in it for your player!  We want you and your player to have so much fun in their first sports experience that they will want to come back and learn more every year!
    Players will receive a soccer uniform to be worn to all SCHOOLYARD sessions. The uniform includes a jersey, shorts and soccer socks.  Additionally you will need to purchase shin guards. Shin guards are required at all AYSO practices and games.  Shin guards must be completely covered by the uniform socks. Any sport shoes or soccer cleats will be fine. PARENT 
    Each week for each field a parent will be promoted to be the time keeper for the mini-games, be prepared to take your turn!
    For questions or more information please contact:



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1.    Parents are part of the program for fun and support.  Parents participate in warm up activities, skill learning activities and during games, you are the" lines" on the field!

2.    Teams are made each week, from whoever shows up. If your player is sick or "not in the mood" it's OK!

3.     U5 SCHOOLYARD SOCCER is one day per week, this is our practice and game all in one fun hour.  We learn skills and then we use those skills in a game so we can remember them.

4.     LESS PRESSURE!  We let them play their games with as little interference as possible.  It's more important to have fun and get exercise and learn that sports are fun!


1.      What if my player is not feeling well ?  Not a problem!  We make teams each week from the players who come to the SCHOOLYARD SOCCER PROGRAM.

2.      What if my player refuses to participate?  Please just sit with your player and watch.  Don't pressure them to play.  If you cheer for the players who are participating, yours will likely join in.

3.      What if my player already has a lot of soccer skills? Many age 4 players are physically ready to play soccer but are still emotionally and developmentally 4 years old.  We will put the more physical players together for the games. So it's still competitive.

4.      What if my player has a complete meltdown during the SCHOOLYARD SOCCER PROGRAM?  Please just take a break as needed!  This program is for kids who are 4.     IT'S OK!!      Just get a drink of water and take a break. The more you pressure, the more they MELT!

5.      What if I have older or younger siblings that come with me?  Please bring a ball for them (WITH THEIR NAME ON IT) we play on a giant lawn. Your BIG  kids can play with other kids in nearby fields. have them STAY WHERE THEY CAN SEE YOU!
Your babies need to be kept off the field for their safety so try to have a ball and  some help for them.

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